Fix Your Nutrition, Master Your Mindset, And Get Insanely Strong With Kettlebells

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Getting Fit And Building The Body You Want Is So Much Easier Than You Think.

Let's face it. Most guys don't take care of themselves.

Whether you're a husband and father trying to balance family and work, or you're living the single life and crushing it in your career but eating like shit and never making the time for exercise. It's all too easy to put your health on the back burner only to wake up a few years down the road wondering why your clothes fit differently and questioning exactly how you got here.

Kettlebell Transformation is for successful guys who don't have the time or energy for complicated programs, hardcore Crossfit, or hours and hours of mind-numbing cardio. It's for those who want a proven, straightforward system designed to fit into an already busy life.

The roadmap is so simple any guy can do it. All you need are a couple of kettlebells, a few nutrition tweaks you'll actually enjoy, and the willingness to put yourself first. (PS - we'll show you the way and keep you accountable 👇👇)

From The Guys That Brought You Chicago Primal Gym And The Kettlebell Mastery System

Co-Founders, Sean and Grant have been partners for nearly a decade. After successfully building a Million Dollar Kettlebell Gym in the Heart of Chicago they decided to transition their efforts to impact men globally.

Kettlebell Transformation is the product of teaching thousands of people how to reclaim their health and take back their life using simple concepts with Herculean consistency. 

Knowing what it takes and actually executing on the material to produce tangible results are two very separate understandings. These two inspire men to bridge this gap once and for all.

Real Results Start HERE.

  • MEAL PLAN: Macro-Based Nutrition Plan Designed By Us, Customized To You.

  • TRAINING: 16-Week Strength & Endurance Based Kettlebell Program

  • No Time? No Problem. Workout's Only Take 30-45 Minutes

  • Personal Accountability Coach To Ensure You Show Up & Take Action Daily

  • Private Community Of Men All Working Toward Similar Goals

  • Live Weekly Q&A With Sean & Grant

  • 1-On-1 Technique Coaching

  • Food Lists, Recipe Books, Restaurant Guides, and more!

  • 16-Week Training & Nutrition Course With Coaching Videos

  • Weekly Progress Report Check-Ins   

So Effective We Literally Guarantee Your Results

A damaging admission from two highly involved gym owners from 2013-2021: Random workouts at the gym aren't enough to deliver serious long-term change.

When this became apparent in 2019, Sean & Grant quickly launched their first transformation program (the origins of KT). Since then they experimented, tweaked, and solidified the core components needed to consistently produce jaw dropping results. 

Today the KT Model has helped hundreds of people lose weight permanently while transforming the way they look at health, nutrition, and fitness forever. 

There is a reason the program guarantees results. It's because it works. 

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Fix Your Nutrition, Master Your Mindset, and Transform Your Body With Kettlebells


Please watch the video above prior to booking a strategy call. In the video we talk about exactly WHO this program is for, who this is NOT for, and the factors that determine your success in the program. 

We only want to work with men who are committed and driven to show up, follow the process, and get real results. 

How Kettlebell Transformation Works

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Transform Your Health For Good

With our accountability & massive library of video lessons and tools all you need to do is show up.

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"I lost 42lbs over the 16 week program and as of today (22 weeks since initial start) I’m down 50lbs... I also went from never doing a Turkish get up to getting up the 40kg within 3 months"

Jeremy S.

"The big headline for me is I'm down over 40lbs since starting... same dude, but different dude"

Jonathan M.

"Completing the workouts, tracking my macros, and maintaining consistency was the key to achieving the breakthrough in my fitness and conditioning that had been eluding me for years."

Tim S.

"Lost over 20lbs in the first 16 weeks, and eventually reached my long-term goal of losing 70 pounds. Side Benefit - Swings & Getups with the 40k now are EASY

Matt M.

"Before I started training [with Grant & Sean] I worked out a fair bit doing traditional weightlifting. My Body felt pretty stiff often. I looked alright but I wasn't feeling great. I've gotten way more defined but that's secondary."

Andy D.

This Program Is For Guys Who Are Fed Up And Ready To Do The Work To Get Into The Best Shape Of Their Life

**Please don't apply if you're not willing to buy kettlebells, change your diet, or invest $$$$ in your health and fitness...

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